Leading the way in refurb, fabrication, and manufacturing for the fracking industry, Grizzly Services recently completed a custom-build 2000HP double-pumper for Blackstar Energy Services. The project began late in 2018, is the first of its kind for Grizzly, and gave us a unique opportunity to put our ingenuity and innovation to the test. Built off the showroom floor with no model, the unit will be utilized by Blackstar for well clean-up after the work of pumping is done.

The ask – convert a completely dismantled 2012 BJ nitrogen unit into a full-functioning double-pumping treatment system – with a mixing tank.

The answer – challenge accepted!

How We Did It

First we repurposed the engine packages – two CAT C-18s, originally manufactured by Jet Company, Inc. The engines only had 1400 hours on them with roughly ¾ of their 10,000 hr lifespans left. Blackstar wanted the unit to run with just one of the two mirror-image engines in operation, a design feature that increased the value of the unit for them, and upped the ante for us.

We rose to the challenge, making some minor repairs on the engines, installing two new Allison S6600 transmissions, and updating the two engine skids to accommodate cooling. New Kerr 1000 pumps with 3.5” plungers were installed to ensure the unit met the grueling demands of a 6-day per week/ 16 hours per day schedule. Grizzly also refurbished the mixing tank and cabin for the unit, and modified the trailer frame, adding a new middle axle to support the extra weight and comply with DOT regulations.

Once refurb, fabrication, and installation was complete, the real battle began – overcoming the control aspect and getting components from different manufacturers to communicate with each other. It took a team of more than 20 engineers, welders, assemblers, electronic techs, service mechanics, and project managers to get the job done, but that’s what Grizzly is all about. And that’s how we got it done.

From hydraulics to process piping to electrical and air systems, we spec’d and built this project from the inside out, with serviceability in mind every step of the way. Engineering doesn’t always prioritize ease of access and maintenance, but we do. Grizzly is always looking for ways to make equipment more service-friendly for the folks who actually service and maintain them. For the Black Cat double-pumper, that meant moving some parts like remote lines to make them more accessible.

Why We Did It

Our goal is to maintain the longevity of equipment for our customers and optimize their operation. Using the very best components goes a long way toward that end. So does our practice of field training your team on functionality, maintenance, and trouble-shooting. And our support is unmatched; we’ll dispatch a technician to your site – no questions asked – for a full year.

Don’t take our word for it; ask Black Cat. This project was initially commissioned for resale, but they’re sending this double-pumper back out to the field in Midland/Odessa.

Kirk French, President of Grizzly, is eager to share the details of the Black Cat double-pumper. Kirk is a veteran of the oil and gas industry; with years of experience, 500 frac pumps, and 50 mixing equipments under his belt; not to mention his time in research and development. He knows the challenges of equipment refurb, fabrication, service, and maintenance firsthand.

That expertise is on par for Grizzly. Founded by three partners who’ve spent decades in the fracking industry, we’re serious about service and transparency. Our knowledge base extends to our team too, and allows us to operate like a well-oiled machine – pun intended. The Black Cat double-pumper exemplifies our ability to analyze client needs, determine the best solutions, and execute those solutions quickly and efficiently.

Plus, we love a good challenge. Contact Grizzly today and let us tackle your next project.