We’re Looking to Invest

What We’re Looking For

The multi-disciplinary team at Python partners with entrepreneurs and provides capital to launch. Our in-house capabilities span cutting-edge technology development, accounting, tax, finance, legal, strategic sales, and marketing. Working together, we can move from ideation to profitability in record time.


We are looking to work with entrepreneurs with relevant experience in business development and customer relationships in your target market. High integrity and ability to work in a fast paced environment a must.

Business Plans

We are looking for US-based businesses with plans that have proven ability to leverage technology to improve the business model. Company should be able to be developed and launched within 6 months.


We are looking for entry into large established markets and industries with definable long term growth trends.  We tend to avoid highly cyclical industries unless market risk can be mitigated through long-term contracts.

Let’s Start a Conversation

What industry does your idea target?
Have you started a business before?
Do you have a business plan?
What are your projected yearly gross revenues by year 2?
How would you like to be contacted?
How did you hear about us?