Grizzly is growing. We’re expanding our refurb, fabrication, and manufacturing operation to a new facility, adding 34 thousand square feet and 16 service bays. The new space is adjacent to the existing location in Waller, Texas.

The growth is on trend for Grizzly. In addition to our new facility, our team has grown to over 60 members. That team has completed over 60 entire frame-off refurbs on tier 2 frac pumps. We’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again – we’re proud of that, and we’re proud of them.

Our growth goes beyond our team and our space; we’ve grown our technology too. Grizzly has developed our own online software platform to streamline customer service and increase transparency. With uploaded images and comprehensive descriptions on the Grizzly portal, you see what we see, you know what we know………You decide how we proceed with the work at hand!

We’ve designed and built our very own Grizzly frac pump, growing our manufacturing operation. We’ve learned a lot from the refurb process about how to make units more serviceable and maintenance-friendly. With that experience and knowledge – plus your needs – in mind, we’ve engineered a pump that greets the rigorous demands of the oilfield, and, of course, your bottom line!

The Grizzly Mission

The Grizzly mission is to be #1 in transparency, service, and technology. That’s fueled by our commitment to you – to provide a comprehensive approach that keeps you in-the-know every step of the way with every single refurb, service, and fabrication job.

You can count on us to prioritize safety every step of the way too – yours and ours. Quality isn’t our goal, it’s our standard. The work we do – yours and ours – and the machinery we use have unique safety concerns and protocols. We train our teams – yours and ours – on-site with hands-on run-through processes to ensure we all know our equipment and know how to operate them safely.

Growing our company and expanding our operation serves our mission, because it serves you even better. We’re proud of our growth and the principles that guide it – quality, service, integrity, and satisfaction.

Contact Grizzly to learn more about how our refurbs, new equipment, servicing, and fabrication can serve you.