Wildcat Corporate was created in 2018 and we are honored that our company has made waves in the manufacturing industry in such a short time. On June 22, 2020 we moved our PPE manufacturing facility to Conroe, Texas to provide a bigger facility in order to continue exceeding customer expectations while responding to the rapid growth of the company.

Due to our company expansion, Wildcat has been able to serve new industries with cable solutions and mobile technologies. Wildcat started serving the oil and gas industry and we want our long time oil and gas clients to know that we will always continue to work hard to serve this industry. However, we are excited to announce that we now have the capacity to serve additional industries such as towers, railroads, plumbing, utilities, law enforcement, FEMA, traffic and roadways, trucks, cranes, and border security.

Wildcat Cable Solutions new industries

With the growth of the company, Wildcat has begun offering the best cable solutions to a variety of different industries. We are excited to introduce you to the new industries we have chosen to serve and to share how we can help provide exceptional cable solutions for each industry.

Railroad Industry

Wildcat offers the railroad industry complete cable solutions to aid in wireless communication, data collection, and data retention. Wildcat knows the amount of technology that is needed to run a reliable rail vehicle service. The ability to access real-time data, increase visibility, and connect data to actionable information is crucial to being a lead competitor in the rail industry. Our cables ensure the best quality assurance and safety standards are met so that your business can continue moving forward.

Roadway Industry

Working on the roadway can be a dangerous job. Message displays are important aspects to your job in the roadway industry to ensure your safety. Drivers need to be aware of your presence and the current road conditions. Wildcat Cable Solutions can provide you with cables made to withstand high temperatures and challenging environments. Quality cables are essential for reliable roadway message signs that will promote your safety while working on the road.


Trucks are essential to several different industries. Our cable team can help with Line Body, Crane Body, and Component Body trucks. Reliable cables are a major component in many rigging, lifting, and recovery jobs. Wildcat can provide you with a custom cable solution with superior strength and security for both recreational and industrial use. We can include hooks, cable hook latches and thimbles, wedge sockets and cable clamps to help better assist you in your specific job requirements.

Wildcat Mobile Technology new industries

Mobile Towers

Wildcat’s Mobile Technology team can provide you with a transportable cell tower, perfect for obtaining cell signal during natural disasters, media coverage of a large event, remote access locations, and more. We can design your mobile tower for your specific job requirements. We can prepare your trailer to withstand going off-road in rural areas with rugged topography or to meet the needs of urban environments with paved streets. Prepare your communication needs in advance by allowing Wildcat to create a mobile solution for your cell tower needs.

Law Enforcement

Wildcat can create a custom vehicle based on your specific law enforcement needs. While each of these specialty vehicles are designed and built to accomplish their primary objective, Wildcat Mobile Technologies strives to make them multi-role capable to extend the value of that tool for the agency. We assure the product we deliver is the very best available and will last 15-20 years, providing highly reliable service over that entire time. Law enforcement vehicles can cover a wide fleet of vehicles used by city, county, state, national and tribal government agencies and includes: hostage negotiation, bomb squad, crime scene, crew rest & recovery, command, checkpoints, evidence collection and many other vehicles.

For example we can design you a mobile command van with a freightliner sprinter, 4-wheel drive, an on-board generator, custom interior, Watchguard DVR, emergency lighting/sirens, and more. However, maybe an armored command vehicle better suits your needs. Our armored command vehicles can come equipped with a diesel engine, high-hardened ballistic steel, premium bullet-proof glass, a command light package, a conference or integration room, equipment racks, a radio package, and more.


WILDCAT Mobile Technologies focuses on building EFP’s and OB trucks, vans, and trailers for broadcasters around the globe. These vehicles have onboard power systems, plenty of HVAC, lighting inside and out, consoles, audio rooms, steel equipment racks, tons of storage and are finished with acoustic dampening products which make the vehicle quiet yet attractive. Whether you are in need of OB(Outside Broadcasting), Live News Gathering, ENG, DSNG, SNG, DSNG, EFP and Microwave vehicles and/or trailers, Wildcat can build the broadcasting vehicle perfect for your broadcast. All of our standard builds are equipped with all of the required systems and features for field television productions.

The bottom line

Wildcat is extremely grateful for the significant growth of the company that was achieved in such a short time. We are eager to serve additional industries as we continue this growth. Thank you to the oil and gas industry for being one of the first industries we have ever served. We are committed to continue our hard work serving the oil and gas industry. If you or your company are ever in need of strong and reliable cables or a custom vehicle, please contact Wildcat at 832-521-3770 and we will be happy to serve you. In addition, if you are in need of personal protective equipment to aid in the prevention of spreading COVID-19, don’t forget to contact Wildcat for a quick and safe delivery of our FDA-registered PPE equipment.