Today, like most days, it’s easy feeling a little blue. COVID has us rethinking every facet of our daily lives… and now it’s full speed ahead into the 2020-2021 Holiday Season. First up, Thanksgiving. However, traditional family gatherings are now the new social “Taboo”. Our Healthcare Heroes and First Responders deserve time with their families more than ever before. Will they get it? Doubtful, but we can hope. Nine months of selfless service in the face of an unrelenting viral enemy is taking a toll. Businesses of all sizes are struggling. It’s not just those Home Schooling parents who now juggle the dual responsibilities of an at-home education and a full-time job. Most of us probably struggle to remember what it was like “before”.

On the surface, this might sound bleak. But as we enter the Holiday Season, we’re finding so many reasons to give thanks. To every person in and out of scrubs, in every color of uniform, those stocking shelves, the truckers counting never ending white highway lines, factory workers pulling double shifts to keep the supply chains filled, every Texan, every American soldiering on, we say Thank You this month. It’s our pledge at Wildcat PPE to continue, beyond November, showing our heartfelt gratitude to all who make this nation great.

Faithful First Responders

Since the first American was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 20, our nation’s doctors, nurses, First Responders and everyone in the medical field redefined what it means to “answer the call.” It’s an eye-opener… you can’t help but be in awe of the courage. These skilled professionals are on the front lines of a new and very different domestic threat. The number of Healthcare Professionals testing positive for COVID has increased tenfold since April. Those lucky enough to stay healthy, continue to work tirelessly, taking on extra shifts, under very difficult and high-stress conditions. As we head into the final stretch of 2020, we should bow our heads and show gratitude to all those who shun the word “Hero”.

Millions of gowns have left our North Houston manufacturing facility fulfilling the mission to protect every medical professional and all those who are the very lifeblood of our nation. Texas grit and Texas pride keeps us going. The research and development continues. New product lines are being added to our line-up, stay tuned. America is hungry to be self-sufficient and Wildcat PPE is leading the way.

The Spirit of Collaboration

PPE is critical to protecting all in the medical field and, by extension, protecting all Americans. That said, nine months into the pandemic, supplies are again running low. A recent Wall Street Journal article found that many healthcare facilities have far fewer N95s than recommended. One reason for the shortage, aside from the dramatic increase in demand, is the disruption of a global supply chain that America unwittingly relied on. This November, we’re thankful for the countless manufacturers who stepped up and continue playing a key part helping Wildcat build a new robust domestic PPE supply chain.

Wildcat continues to be grateful for all the American material suppliers we rely on every day to keep our production lines moving. Working together, we are strengthening and rebuilding the US economy.

American Resiliency (and Texas Grit)

“In Texas, there is a certain honor of being a Texan that is doing something the best you can.”
— Matthew McConaughey

The 92-year-old piano teacher who learned to give her students lessons over Facetime. The retired farmer from Kansas who sent his extra N95 mask to New York in the early days of the pandemic so one doctor could be safe. The countless neighbors who have supported one another during a time of unbelievable isolation. It’s been a tough nine months, but you can find signs of America’s resilience and spirit everywhere—if you just take the time to look.

Here in the Lone Star State, we’re seeing plenty of Texas’ signature “larger than life” grit and determination. Houston schools are stepping up to provide free take-home meals during mandated closures. Community groups, large and small, are providing much-needed support for people who are struggling. And workers are showing up day in and day out to get the job done—including our teammates at Wildcat PPE. These individuals inspire us with their dedication.

New Beginnings

With 2021 weeks away and great news daily on the vaccine front, Wildcat PPE is entering the Holiday Season with gratitude and positivity. We continue with our mission of service and preparing for the year ahead, staying ever vigilant. Happy Thanksgiving, from the Wildcat PPE family to yours.