brent wiltz

chief portfolio officer

Brent Wiltz joined Python Holdings in the beginning of 2022 and is the President and Co-Founder of a portfolio brand, Summa Staffing Technologies. As Chief Portfolio Officer he is responsible for investment and portfolio analysis, valuations of portfolio companies, portfolio development initiatives, working with portfolio company management teams, negotiating transactions, and arranging for the sale of investments. Brent brings a new focus of strategic leadership by concentrating on the entire “Revenue Supply Chain” to create harmony between all brands and facets that increase shareholder value. Brent is a graduate of the Executive Leadership & Management program at Cornell University and brings over 18 years of management expertise in building and leading high-performance organizations.

Brent is a proud husband, father of three and resides in Katy, Texas. He is an avid learner, passionate about people and is highly energetic. “Growth is a mindset and achievable when you take control of the outcome.”